Experience Myken

One might think that the small group of islands that makes up Myken would give visitors little to do or see. But conditions for scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing, a trip in a rowboat, or wandering about in clean and untouched nature are very good. And such is the variety and extent of the landscape, that it is possible to take different walks each day and feel that you are the first and only person on the islands. This is one of the many reasons why friends return again and again to feel the specialness of this beautiful place.

Photo: Geir Eliassen Nygård
The southern tip of the island

A trip to Karenstua Kafé is a must if you visit Myken in the summer. Something happens every night: sometimes people sing and play music, organize quizes, or other lively tales take place. Other times there is just a calm chat between people contemplating the view, midnight sun, or other matters of life. Karenstua posesses all rights and serves excellent food, if we may say so ourselves.

Myken Handel, the grocery store, is as much a compulsary stop when you take your trip out here. In addtion to offering what grocery stores usually offer, there is a coffee corner where you can catch up on the latest news on the island while enjoying your coffee (and cake on Saturdays). There is also access to a PC and internet, if you absolutely have connect to the web or print something during your vacations.

Photo: Anders Njål Hansen
View on the glacier Svartisen
Photo: Geir Eliassen Nygård

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Photo: Geir Eliassen Nygård
Wharves in Myken
Photo: Anders Njål Hansen
European shag
Photo: Gro Stenvik
Rødøyløven going out
Photo: Anders Njål Hansen
Houses are well kept
Photo: Bjørn Skauge
Visiting old timers